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Tasting Sampler

The Team at Ocean’s Table wants to give you an opportunity to sample a few variations of the fresh, never frozen fish we provide prior to having you commit to one of our subscription packages. It is in this spirit that we created the Ocean’s Table Tasting Sampler! The sampler includes four species of fish frequently used in our other packages. We provide fresh fish such as sumptuous ivory halibut fillets, extremely sweet and rich in flavor scallops, buttery and flakey haddock straight from Gloucester Harbor, flavor infused red fish that cooks amazing with all kinds of spices, and more.


The Ocean’s Table Tasting Sampler includes one-half (0.5) pound of four species of fresh, never frozen fish for a total of two (2) pounds which feeds 4 people in generous portions. This introductory package will give you a taste of what Ocean’s Table is all about, and it will provide you with a great meal to prepare!

Hearty portions of fresh, never frozen fish from the ocean to your table for just $39.95. We deliver directly to your door in 24-36 hours from the time the vessels bring the fish to our facility to be filleted by our sous chefs.

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